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Conservatory Window Film by ADS Window Films UK

Conservatories, by their very nature, are suntraps. They are likely to be either fully glazed or at least contain a high proportion of glazing to create a pleasant environment to relax in during the summer months.

During the height of the summer, however, the heat and glare generated by the sun can soon become overpowering and without adequate ventilation can make sitting in the conservatory uncomfortable.

The application of window film to the glass can provide instant sunshade for your conservatory and affords the following benefits: -

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Conversely, in winter, the high percentage of glazing can allow a lot of heat to escape from the conservatories either making it too cold to sit out in or too expensive to heat. The window film, however, reflects escaping heat back into the conservatory, helping to maintain a reasonable temperature all year round. Why not contact us now to discuss any requirements you have.

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